A Look in the Mirror

A look in the mirror. 

Can be life changing. 

Not while brushing your teeth, or to inspect your appearance. 

We get comfortable with our own image. 

Its familiarity allowing us to glance past the face and its features, eyes, nose, mouth, hair. 

We miss what actually lies beneath. Like our busy lives full of routine and responsibility. 

No space to stop and think, and decide. Decide, exercise choice. 

Not in the mundane, the what to eat for breakfast or wear to work. 

The big life choices. 

The ones that take time, or sometimes don’t. 

The ones that are hard, or sometimes aren’t. 

The ones that accumulate and eventually string together the story of our lives. 

Just do. 

Upon close inspection of the face, a curious study, one can rest in a freckle, or the flecks of color in an eye. 

Allowing for a momentary lapse of judgement in order to sink beneath the surface. 

Discomfort sits in. 

I am peering too closely. 

This feels unfamiliar. 

I feel strange. 

But I go in. 

There is a pull, like gravity. 

I’ve opened the door, and now I must see. 

Darkness dominates. Fears bubble to the surface. 

What if I don’t want to see. 

But what will I lose if I don’t look. Is reality truly real if I don’t look. 

And what happens when I am not looking.

I don’t know where I am going. 

I stumble.

I get lost. 

If I am gone too long, it will be an arduous road back.

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