Healing Activation Session

Our personal well-being forms the foundation for all we do. While some elements of our health are beyond our control there are actions we can take to support our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. In this initial session we will identify what needs our loving attention and then observe what is at the root of the concern from several angles to first understand why healing is desired. Then we’ll work together to identify actions that can be taken to help support you in the process. Is there something you can shift in your behavior to better support yourself? Does this mean adding something new or releasing something? We’ll explore different healing modalities and identify a practice, routine or action you can take with you to initiate healing. It is my belief that while this work can sometimes feel overwhelming or daunting, when we break it down into its subtler pieces, we’ll realize that there’s much more we can easily do to make big shifts in our well-being. Sometimes the most potent medicine is simply choosing to care for oneself and the rest will fall into place.

My goal in this session is to activate the process of healing and empower you with knowledge, action and inspiration. You should plan to set aside 75 minutes and the exchange for this work is $95. We’ll meet virtually although in person sessions are available at an addition fee. Follow up Momentum Sessions are available should you desire to be supported further on your healing journey. Those sessions are 45-60 minutes at $75. To book an Activation session, please visit my Scheduler or for any questions email theresa@anahatakingston.com.