Sound Healing

Theresa Lyn Widmann Kundalini Yoga and Gong Sound Healing

I fell in love with the Gong in 2011 and began facilitating sound therapy for others in 2012. Along my journey I have studied with the great Gong Master Don Conreaux as well as many others who are advancing the science behind “sound healing” in ways I would have never imagined. Over the years I have added to my sound family so that when I do group or individual sound sessions they may include Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, tuning forks, drum, chimes, and who knows what else by the time you’re reading this.

Sound therapy can work in different ways depending upon the sound and the person receiving it. At its core, sound will activate the vagus nerve and the overall nervous system in a way that aids in strengthening the body’s own immune system thereby allowing it to repair and restore as it was designed. In addition, neural activity caused by certain sounds can strengthen cognitive abilities as well as activate hormones that improve our overall mental state. The physical resonance created by instruments like the gong or singing bowls placed on the body have the potential of moving energy in order to disrupt stagnant energy that can result in disease or imbalanced thought forms creating a resonant transformation for the person experiencing the sound.

Feel free to call 845-481-0519 or email with any questions or to schedule your sound healing session with Me.

Waves of the Moon Album ArtGong Recording! During an auspicious Full Moon in 2015, I completed a recording of my Gongs which is available for download or on most streaming platforms including Spotify. Each track was recorded utilizing mantras that have been special to me. Rebirth is intended to bring your mind and body into alignment with your True Divinity. Fearless was created with a combination of Gong sounds incorporating a powerful mantra to release fear. Shakti began as a healing track, but while recording during the Full Moon, Shakti’s energy intervened and thus began the shift and evolution into an homage to her divine creative power. I hope that you feel her blessings as you enjoy the sounds of the Sacred Gongs. Big thanks to Kevin Bartlett and Scott Petito for their work on this recording!

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I often collaborate with others who enjoy spreading the Gong love around. Here are Neslihan and myself at a favorite music festival, the Summer Hoot “performing” as LOVE WAVES (above) and at the O+ Festival in the cemetery of the Old Dutch Church (below). 

Want to bring the Gong Bath to you? We’re happy to travel with these magical creatures of sound.