Dreaming Session

It is said that once you are able to visualize you can then actualize. That’s what dreaming is for. Whether you are seeking change in work, relationship, or creatively, or need support in identifying your “purpose,” we’ll work together to form clarity around this through conversation, breathwork, meditation and visualization. In this initial session, we’ll work towards a complete vision for this dream, but also leave space for it to unfold beyond our time together. You’ll leave with a deeper connection to your dream rooted in to your foundation that will energetically begin to shift how the world responds to you and your dream.

My goal in this session is to connect you with your dream and to bring clarity to your vision. You should plan to set aside 60-75 minutes and the exchange for this work is $95. We’ll meet virtually although in person sessions are available at an addition fee. Because everyone is at a different place in relationship to their dream, it is possible that you’ll desire a follow up session to continue to work on your clarity of vision, but we can also set aside some time in this initial session to identify practices that you can do at home to continue to work with your dream. To book a session or for any questions you can call 845-481-0519 or email theresa@anahatakingston.com.