Holistic Well-Being

Heal. Dream. Thrive. These three pillars of well-being relate with one another in a meaningful way allowing you to approach transformation from different perspectives depending upon where you are in your journey. Our work together will identify how to nourish and support what is needing more attention while Theresa’s therapeutic support style will help to surface and free what might be preventing you from accessing and experiencing your true nature and your wildest dreams.


Regardless of what you are trying to create in your life, it all starts with your own wellbeing. Physical, mental and spiritual health is the foundation for life. This doesn’t mean that you have to be in perfect health to achieve your vision for life, but feeling good is a vital part of the equation. Whether healing is your focus or is a roadblock to your life’s vision, it’s nearly always a part of the equation. You can learn more and book a Healing Activation Session here.


When we are in the dream state of mind, we are free. We are unbounded by our doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs. It is from this place that we see with clear vision. In this state we learn to think beyond conditioning, expectations and judgement. Once in this place of freedom, we open the door to possibility. The path becomes clearer, and you align with your vision of the journey. You can learn more and book a Dreaming Activation Session here.


Once you’re clear about what you want to create in your life, it’s time to support you in taking the necessary steps to meet your vision. There are many ways that we hold ourselves back from achieving our goals, oftentimes for good reason. In this phase, we work through internal and external blocks to moving forward and taking action. The process isn’t successful through will or force, it’s successful through dialogue and partnership with your inner needs which I assist in helping you to see. You can learn more and book a Thriving Activation Session here.

True Collaboration

The answers arise from within you. As a member of your support team and collaborator in this process, I am available to counsel and advise as necessary, but the focus of the work is to begin a deeper conversation with yourself. That may involve healing or releasing whatever is blocking you from hearing your inner wisdom and seeing the path forward. There are a myriad of healing modalities that may be brought into our work from traditional coaching dialogue to breathwork, present moment awareness, somatic awareness, physical movement, sound, reiki and beyond. Each session meets you where you are at in that moment and is intended to be supportive to your unique needs.

If you’re interested in working with Theresa but still have questions, you can Schedule a complimentary 20 minute Discovery Session or feel free to email any questions to theresa@anahatakingston.com. All of this work is very interwoven and it is less important to know whether you’re seeking a Healing, Dreaming or Thriving Activation Session. For some people it is clear what is needed or a priority and so that’s where we start. For others they are all interwoven into the transformation process, so we’ll decide together where to start our work together. Our work together begins with an Activation Session so if you’re ready to begin, you can book that here. If you are a return client then you can book your Momentum Session here.