Thriving Activation Session

When you are thriving, you are prosperous. You are living your life authentically and you are in your flow. We are all capable of thriving. In order to get to this state of being, we sometimes need to make adjustments to how we are living and making choices. Our work together will identify potential roadblocks to thriving and then build a path for moving forward to reach your desired state of thriving. Some of the tools that are brought in to this work may involve the Wheel of Life exercise, a Priorities Recalibration, or a Habit Reboot. We’ll work with your inner desire as a potent activator and incorporate that into the plan for moving forward.

My goal in this session is to Activate your “can do” energy and empower you with concrete shifts to achieve your state of thriving. You should plan to set aside 75 minutes and the exchange for this work is $95. We’ll meet virtually although in person sessions are available at an addition fee. Because this is an implementation phase, the work is often the most challenging. Follow up 45-60 minute Momentum sessions at $75 are available should you desire to be supported further on your journey. To book an Activation session, please visit my Scheduler or email with any questions.