Welcoming In the Divine Feminine

If you’ve taken one of my classes, or if you know me at all, you’ve probably heard the words “Divine Feminine” echoing out of my mouth on many an occasion. Perhaps you are starting to hear her referred to by others or even noticing your own curiosity about what she has to do with you. Don’t worry, this is to be expected. You see, there is a shift that is taking place. It’s happening across the globe. The Divine Feminine is being awakened. She’s being called upon by more of us each and every day. Her creativity, her wisdom, her compassion and her protection are breaking through the patriarchy and leading us in a new direction. She is going to play a starring role in the great healing of ourselves and the great healing of our planet. So what exactly is the Divine Feminine? I don’t pretend to know all of the answers, but this post is my way of sharing what thoughts I do have in an effort to inspire you to explore your own relationship with the Divine Feminine. She’s been waiting.

The Divine Feminine is neither female nor male. She is the matrix of creation. That all loving, compassionate force that birthed us all, that longs for our happiness, success, connection, and expansion because we are, in fact, all a part of the Divine Feminine herself. Our creativity fuels the greater creative energy building connections and solutions to benefit us all. Our love expands and fuels the collective love that protects, nurtures, and connects us all. Our compassion touches and enlivens the lives of others so that we can all achieve our most authentic self and live within our divine life’s purpose. The Divine Feminine is looking out for the greater good of all. Ego is lost and community and oneness is gained. The Divine Feminine flows through those actions which support the continuation of her creation, the continuation of her love.

butterfly-998327_1280So where has she been hiding? She hasn’t truthfully been hiding at all, we just chose not to see her. She can only take her most perfected form within us when we are open to her and aligned in her service. For many years, we have been largely driven by a masculine energy, one that is lead by power, ego and concern with the self rather than compassion, oneness and an awareness of the other. Those who have held the power within our communities have embodied this masculine energy, whether male or female, but something is beginning to shift. Many more of us are awakening to the energy of the Divine Feminine and placing value on those who embody her characteristics of creative thinking, love and compassion for all. There is less and less tolerance for those who operate within the patriarchy, who are concerned about self and the destruction of others. The more that we open up to the energy of the Divine Feminine, the more we fuel those who embody her energy and remove the power of those who do not.

Sound like an impossible feat? Not at all. We all hold the tools to welcome in the Divine Feminine. I suspect many of us already do and are ready for the next challenge in helping others do the same. As with any real and lasting change, it has to come from within, but the best way to influence others is to shine so brightly in your own life that others will want to follow. It may not always be easy, particularly as we face life’s ups and downs. Conflicts at home or at work. Physical and financial stresses. Losses and sadness. These are all experiences that test our ability to stay connected to the Divine Feminine and the threads that bind us all. As with anything, the best you can do is practice. Perfection is never an expectation, just practice.

Here are some thoughts on practices that are perfectly suited for all of us.

  1. Love for Yourself – Embody the physical, mental and emotional love for yourself that makes you feel whole and your most authentic you. Allow yourself to feel pride, forgiveness, anger, happiness, the whole array. Be there for yourself. Support yourself as your own Divine Mother. This will allow your heart to open for you and remain open to others.
  2. Love for Others – Practice seeing others as an extension of you and as a unique and special part of the Divine Feminine that you are also a part of. Begin to look past the surface of others and pause to open to the possibility that we are all suffering in our own way and doing the very best we can at any given moment. By reducing the separation between ourselves and others we begin to open up to our greatest selves and the expansive love and compassion of the Divine Feminine.
  3. Love for the Earth – Breathe in the air. Observe Mother Nature in her glory, sunrise, sunset, snowfall, thunderstorm. Walk barefoot on the earth and amongst the trees. Connect to water, the Moon cycles, all these marvelous happenings that remind us that we are a part of something greater. Staying connected to all aspects of ourselves, our world and the Divine Feminine is a profound healing experience and heart opening practice.
  4. Be Here Now – We have all heard this phrase, but how do we embody it? Practice giving yourself the freedom to experience your WHOLE life. The good, the difficult, the sad, the frightening. By truly being present and honest with yourself regardless of what you are experiencing, you will open up to the experience and free yourself from the patterns that confine us. By going into the moment, you can release yourself from its power and control over you and create the space for you to love yourself and the experience you are having, opening your heart in the most magnificent of ways.
  5. Embrace GRATITUDE – When we can move towards feelings of gratitude for whatever it is that is happening to us in the present moment, we can open up to the experience, see it for what it truly is, and not just what is on the surface. Once we embrace our experiences with gratitude, we receive the benefits of those experiences, growing from the experience, and appreciating the connectivity of all our experiences and the connection to all.

Whether it’s yoga, jogging, walking in the woods, reading, listening to music, being of service or something else, we all have those ways of staying connected to our hearts and through this, we will embody the Divine Feminine and shine her light upon the hearts and minds of others. I am grateful to be on this journey with you.

“May the long time sun shine upon, all love surround you, and the pure light within you, guide your way on.”



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