Healing Your Relationship with Food

Join Theresa for a 6 week journey to heal the harm caused by stress, trauma, and a disconnection with self when it comes to the ways you nourish yourself. During these 6 weeks of support and accountability you’ll understand and heal your relationship with food by uncovering the ways your relationship to food and the experience of eating has broken down and then learn ways to repair and rebuild so that you feel more alive, vital and nourished in all aspects of your life!

  • Week 1: Your Body is a Temple – honoring the sacredness of you and understanding how that relates to how and with what you nourish yourself.
  • Week 2: Your Relationship with Self – intuitive eating, trusting yourself, honoring your needs and practicing non-judgement.
  • Week 3: Honoring Your Beautiful Emotions – befriending your emotions and bringing them into the healing process to move you from emotional eating into nutritive eating.
  • Week 4: Living in Balance – where are you out of balance? Checking in on blood sugar, water, sleep!
  • Week 5: Creating Space and Slowing Down – the sacred practice of eating and nourishing yourself in all aspects of your life. You are how you eat!
  • Week 6: Experiencing Your Vitality – expanding your vitality through food, breath, joy and more fun!

Each week Theresa will share from her training and experience, offer a practice for the week, and create space for questions and sharing. This is a lecture style workshop so come with your notebook and a cup of something delicious you like to drink.

Sessions are from 10-11:30am EDT on the following Sundays: April 11, 18, 25, May 2, 9 and 16. Registration is $125 which can be done via paypal.me/anahatakingston, Venmo @anahata-kingston or via Square. You will be provided the Zoom link for the workshop after registering.

Each class will be recorded for playback, but everyone is encouraged to join in real time as a big part of the success of this program is through the sharing, support, and accountability of others who are also on the journey to heal their relationship with food.

There will also be a mid-week “office hours” session for anyone who wants to check in, ask questions or share where they are at. This will likely be Wednesday evenings, but will be dependent upon who joins and the majority’s availability. They will also be recorded and shared internally for folks who cannot make the office hours.