Ignite the Fire of Your Heart’s Desire!

Messages from Mother Moon ~ The Cosmic Compass

Ignite the fire of your heart’s desire!

That’s the invitation of this New Moon in Sagittarius exact 1:30 am EST.

Write the screenplay for the next 30 years of your life

NOW ! 

The skies are ablaze with the energies of Inspiration.

We are poised at the threshold of the next 30-year cycle…and beyond…..

The Sun will make its inexorable move from the fiery domain of Sagittarian inspiration into Capricorn, Saturn’s home of Material Manifestation.

We get to CHOOSE, NOW, what will manifest.

Will we plant the seeds of our dreams?

Or, will we suffocate our spirit under the weight of the maya of external institutional oppression?

Will we continue to buy-in to the falsehood of competition fueling this degraded social structure?

Or, will we choose to live in the light of the Universal Truth of the Unity of All Life?

We hold the future in the palm of our hands…..individually and collectively.

We are being called to express our Divine Mission.

We are being called to manifest our gifts and talents and live our true magnificence.

This is an epic moment which will not be seen again in our lifetimes.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it;
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”
J.W. von Goethe

Set your intention to manifest the most magnificent version of you, Now!

The New Moon occurs when the the Sun and Moon are together.  The moon is dark, receptive to intentions and dreams.  These will grow in the light of the Sun over the course of the moon’s monthly cycle.  The Moon cycles culminate six months later when the Sun is in its opposite sign (Cancer) and the Moon will be full (in Sagittarius).

The Sun and Moon, poised now at 26 degrees Sagittarius, are on the Galactic Center, the Cosmic Yoni, portal between our solar system and infinite space, Source knowledge.   Also in Sagittarius, sign of the Higher Mind, Philosophy, Universal Law, Optimism and Joy, are the planets Venus, Goddess of Love, and Mercury, the Messenger, and the Karmic Accountant, Saturn.  At the critical 29th degree of culmination, Saturn is ready to materialize the knowledge gained, not only during his 2.5 year sojourn in Sagittarius, but throughout his 29 year cycle around the zodiac.

Planet of revolutionary change, Uranus, adds to the fires of inspiration, by forming a harmonious trine in the cardinal fire sign of Aries.  Uranus asks us to move forward, take risks, to let go and be liberated into the flow of Divine energy. Plus, the North Node of the Moon, indicating the direction of our karmic destiny, is in Leo.  The fire of the Heart exhorts us to be true to our Authentic Calling.

The heavens are calling out to us to change:  let go and flow.  Do not allow the social expectations of others to determine your direction.  Tune your intuition to the Galactic Center.  Allow for unexpected shifts and up-leveling.  Be strong in the face of self-doubt and second guessing  Keep the faith in Truth of Beauty and Love.

Seventy percent of the planets are in mutable energy including Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.  Chiron, the Wounded Healer, forms a square with the New Moon.  This is a call to action to see the Truth of your spiritual nature and to love yourself.

At this New Moon, the Sagittarian centaur carries the energy  (new moon on 12-18) which will set the tone for the new year (2018).  Sagittarius, with the propulsion of a 4-legged beast, the mind and heart of a man, directs his arrow toward the Truth:  the Unity of All Life.

Follow that lead and manifest your dreams!

Happy New Moon!

Dr. Andrea Staskowska, Ph.D.

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