Moons, Gongs and The Summer Hoot!

Wow, another month has passed and yet it feels like Summer is just starting to heat up! So much to do, so much to soak up, and we’re excited for it all. It feels as though this past month has been filled with a lot of energy erupting in different ways for each of us. Often this energy can feel overwhelming as it pushes and pulls us in different directions, bringing up emotions or other personal challenges and perhaps taking us out of our daily routines that provide us stability and ground us. Whatever it is this past month has brought to us, we can take this opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come. We’re constantly learning, growing and expanding, and now is the perfect time to be grateful for it all.

Friday is the last Blue Moon until 2018, that rare occurrence of two Full Moons in one month, and it feels like a great blessing to have this gift arrive precisely at this time of major change. The Moon, the emotional flow of energy, hormones and imagination, has an undisputed effect on our great planet. Its gravity affects our tides, provides for a fairly consistent 24-hour day, and keeps our rotational axis stable. We feels its rhythms and can observe how we and other life are affected by its pull. To me, the Moon is one of the greatest reminders about how we are all connected, and how we have tremendous power to affect one another.

Girl with Moon

So why do we make an extra special effort to meditate on Full and New Moons? When the Sun and the Moon line up in either a Full Moon or a New Moon, we experience the strongest effects of both their gravitational pulls, and we’re also experiencing significant changes in the amount of light we receive from the Sun based upon what is reflecting from our Moon. Besides, it’s a good reminder to check in with ourselves, our own natural rhythms, our own trajectories and make any subtle changes to keep us on our journey.

Whether you join us in the Studio or practice in the comfort of your home or somewhere else that is sacred to you, we wish you all a wonderful end to July and look forward to all that August has to bring. 

Sat Nam & Love

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