40 Days of Self Care

Join me, Theresa, in my journey to anchor self care into the new year. Small steps bring great results, and how you take care of yourself reverberates into all that you do. Plus, you deserve it! Every morning at 7am Eastern I’ll offer the same or similar short practice with breath, spinal flexes, sun salutations and meditation for approximately 15 minutes via Instagram Live. Here’s the link to our IG account if you’d like to join in real time. I’ll also post the video after on Youtube and Facebook, assuming technology cooperates, so that you can participate at any time of the day. The key here is to commit to the 40 days. Get your practice in before midnight each day, and if you have a different practice that you’d like to do and just want the group support, follow along and tag us online. Pick something that doesn’t feel overwhelming which will make it more likely that you can fulfill your commitment to yourself. And if you miss a day, don’t fret, just get back into it the next day. Of course, you can join in at any time. Happy New Year to each of you!