A GONG SUPREME at O+ Festival

A Gong SupremeJoin us as we bring together an extended family of Gong Sound Healers for “A Gong Supreme” (one giant Gong Bath).

A Gong-field is a sacred space that is filled with the cosmic sound Om (pronounced Aum). Om is the place beyond the sun, the creative, regenerative sound from which we all originate. Om exists as Anahata, or unstruck sound, the silent sound from which all life originates that can only be heard within our hearts, and is transmitted to us as Ahatta, a physical sound, that we say and hear as Aum. As you allow yourself to merge into the Gong-field, you will be transported to your original “HOME,” to the cosmic sound of Om, where our hearts are reunited as one in Anahata.

Check out our inaugural liftoff at the O+ Festival.

Stay tuned for our next installment of A Gong Supreme.