Holistic Yoga

This class is designed to bring you into Resonance, physically, mentally and spiritually, connecting you with your true divine self, to Your Truth. When we are burdened by thoughts or emotions like shame, doubt or fear, our consciousness constricts and energy can become stagnant. When energy is stagnant, dis-ease can form. Working to release these thoughts and emotions and awaken the creative Kundalini life force energy, we expand our awareness, our consciousness and re-align with our true infinite selves. Our practice will consist of a varied combination of pranayama (breath), kriyas (postures), dance, meditation, mantra (sound), and deep relaxation. Once you align with your truth, you will be in Resonance with your heart center and experience the freedom that comes with having compassion for yourself and others and bring you into a deeper relationship with your body, mind, and soul. Open to ALL and can be done seated in a chair!

Suggested $10-$15 or Class Card. New Student Special 3 Classes for $27.