Siliva ForniConnect with your Higher Self and tune in to your inner knowing with help from the Tarot. Saturday Tarot with Silvia is back on February 24th from 4-6. RSVP required. Please contact us at 845-481-0519 or to schedule your appointment! Want help preparing your question(s)? Here’s a useful article that may be able to assist you!

$20 – 15 minutes, $35 – 30 minutes, $55 – 45 minutes, $70 – 60 minutes CASH ONLY

Silvia Forni is a photographer with a passion for Tarot cards. Raised in Florence, Italy with both a great aunt and mother who were psychics, it was normal for the family to get tarot readings on weekends to better prepare for the following week. Silvia began first reading the Tarot at the age of 19 and has continued to be enthralled with the mystery and art of the Tarot.

Silvia is available for Tarot Readings by appointment on other days if you are unable to make this event.