Andréa discovered Kundalini Yoga as an extracurricular “enrichment” class when she was a graduate student in Divinity School. Enrichment indeed! Kundalini Yoga provided her an experience of the connection between individual and cosmic life energy; Andréa had discovered her spiritual path.  She continued her academic investigations and became a professor of communication and cultural studies. But the history and philosophy of the alienation from Self and Nature, did not include the tools necessary to manifest our gift and talents, to truly thrive as spiritual beings having a human experience.  In 2005 she took Self Mastery Teacher Training and was Kundalini Research Institute certified as a yoga instructor. Since relocating to the Hudson Valley, she does yogic alignment counseling and teaches Kundalini Yoga at the Ulster County YMCA and Anahata.

Her teachers include Hari Kaur Khalsa, author of A Woman’s Book of Yoga, Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. author of Meditation as Medicine and Food as Medicine, and Gurmukh, author of The 8 Human Talents. Andréa is informed and inspiring.