What have you been hibernating on this Winter? What is starting to emerge from the stillness? This New Moon brings the energy, if you’re ready, to begin the process of revealing and putting into manifestation your new endeavors. If you’re still simmering on things, take the time now to relish the remainder of the season with deep healing. We’ll be moving slow and dreamy with a longer meditation after a nice Kundalini Yoga set to awaken the body, followed Nidhi’s signature aromatherapy and crystal healing with Gong Sound Healing by Theresa.
Sunday, February 23rd from 4:30-6pm. Suggested $15-$20 or Class Card

Sat Nam ☬


The Moon is a great reminder of how we are all connected and how we have a tremendous power to affect one another. We know the effects the moon has on the oceans and our ability to either see the stars or see the trees in the middle of the night. She is the great reminder of change and the beautiful cycles of life. Join us for our monthly New and Full Moon Celebrations.