Ayurvedic Massage Treatments with Tiffany

Ayurvedic Massage is a deep pressure, lymphatic treatment that uses ancient Indian knowledge, herbal oils and aromatherapy to balance and detoxify the body. In a full treatment, you will receive abhyanga (full body massage), mukha abhyanga (face massage) and shiro-abhyanga (indian head, neck & shoulders massage). Further therapeutic treatments are available upon consultation.

60 min-$90
90 min-$125
*add 30 minute Ayurvedic consultation – $15

Shiro-Abhyanga (Indian head, neck and shoulders): improves scalp problems, hair growth, headaches, reduces stress, anxiety and insomnia.
30 minute-$45

Kalari (Indian sports massage): opens up the joints, releases tension in muscles, improves circulation and deeply relaxes the entire body.
45 minute-$60

Mukha-Abhyanga (Indian face massage): Rehydrates the skin, relieves jaw problems, reduces tension in the face, eyes, ears, nose, lubricates the sense organs, helps with sleep and circulation, removes wrinkles and improves memory.
30 minute-$45

Please contact us at love@anahatakingston.com for sliding scale pricing.