Rev. Meghan Don, from New Zealand, is an Award-Winning Author, Multi-Faith Minister, and an Initiate of the Sophian Lineage. She has worked extensively with the Christian mystics, the Kabbalistic teachings, and Jungian psychology. She is renowned for her work in helping to raise the feminine consciousness and confidence in our world, and coming from Celtic heritage is informed by a deep connection with the natural world. Her work incorporates mystical prayer and meditation, spiritual dialogue, and sacred dance and chant, bringing ancient wisdom into a contemporary and accessible form.

Meghan has taught at Omega Institute, Esalen Institute, Unity and New Thought Churches, Interfaith Training Institutes. and Episcopal and Methodist Churches. She has recently moved to the Catskills, NY to create, “The Sanctuary of Sophia: A Center for the Awakened Feminine” & an Eco-Monastic Community. www.MeghanDon.Life

Meghan leads monthly Feminine Wisdom Circles at Anahata.