Debbie is deeply curious and that curiosity has led to a lifetime of deep spiritual work, being of service to her community and all the pain and initiation that comes with walking a spiritual path. 

Debbie has been a licensed social worker for over a decade, providing therapy in both inpatient units and outpatient clinics. This work, inadvertently led to a deeply spiritual practice that includes Shamanic journeying, intuitive, channeled tarot reading and Shamanic Reiki. Plant medicine ceremonies have profoundly healed her heart, her stories about herself, and her definition of what it means to be of service.

Debbie studied Shamanism and Shamanic Journeying with Sandra Ingerman, Shamanic Reiki with Claudia Gukeisen of Izlind/Rhinebeck NY, and Soul Tarot with Lindsay Mack/Brooklyn, NY. After some years in the San Francisco Bay Area, Debbie has returned to the Hudson Valley.  You can find her offerings here:

And her Tarot work on IG: @deeptruth_tarot