In this two-hour workshop, Lila Lolling will share yogic teachings of the heart space and the Essence found within this sacred center. The heart chakra, called Anahata in Sanskrit, is the source for a life of love and abundance. The ancient scriptures talk about this multi-dimensional chakra as the expression of joy and devotion. In the Chandogya Upanishad this center is said to be the place where the flame of the eternal Atman resides. Therefore the heart space is the place where our passions lay to rest, our curiosity is born, and presence is experienced.

It is also why during times of trauma and heartbreak that we ‘shut down’ this sacred space, from the lens of protection. According to yoga and Lila’s first-hand experience, this heart space can embrace and transform all the pains of life, especially when dealing with our traumas. 

So during this workshop you will be invited to explore the many hidden yogic secrets that are found in the subtle teachings of the scriptures and you will leave feeling inspired to go within and continue the journey from head to heart. You will LOVE this workshop, as it is one of Lila’s favorites! 🙂 
Guided meditations, self-reflection, and yoga philosophy theory are offered during this workshop. 

Sunday, September 15th, 1-3pm.$25 early bird before Sept 11, $30 at door.