Sexual Assault, Harassment and Intimate Partner Violence Healing Circle

A Circle is co-created by all participants beginning with an opening ceremony and the construction of a centerpiece created with participants intentions and objects of meaning that have been brought to the Circle. Next, Circle values and guidelines will be built by consensus followed by relationship and trust building involving the sharing of personal stories as sources of wisdom. We’ll then move through some guiding questions that will begin to explore the feelings, concerns and issues as pre-determined by all participants from our previous relationship and trust building, working towards ways we can heal both individually and as a community. A talking piece is utilized to ensure boundaries for those who are speaking and those who are listening and a ceremony is used to close the Circle. The Circle should be thought of as a support unit and no one should feel they have to share things beyond their comfort level. No personal stories or examples need be given. Guiding questions are intended to help us envision the world and healing we want for ourselves and others. In a Circle there is no debate, there is no judgement, there is only listening and collaboration via group consent.

The Circle will be facilitated by Valeria Gheorghiu of the Law Offices of Valeria Gheorghiu, environmental and civil rights attorney integrating restorative justice into the practice of law and Andy Izenson, Associate Attorney, mediator, and restorative and transformative justice practitioner at Diana Adams Law & Mediation, PLLC, both trained as a Circle Keeper by Kay Pranis, a leading author and restorative justice practitioner. Trauma sensitive opening meditation and light stretching will be lead by Theresa Widmann of Anahata.

We’re hoping to do our next one on November 17th from 12:30-2:30…stay tuned for confirmation but please RSVP to

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