The intentions of this ceremony are to connect with the energy of the Full Moon and the heart opening energy of cacao. The journey begins with a cup of ceremonial cacao to access the heart’s energy. We move through meditation, yoga asana, kirtan and sound healing, connecting with the Earth Elements as a path towards self realization. We use this ancient wisdom as our guide to release and manifest. Cacao helps to facilitate powerful transformation!

Cacao beans have been recognized for centuries for the potent heartfelt power among the indigenous tribes of Central America. A superfood containing a complex mix of vitamins and aminos, Cacao helps to facilitate powerful transformation by accessing the heart center and deepening one’s connection to spirit. Cacao is a facilitator that brings you to the doors of perception, allowing you to work with your shadows or to step into your own power and gifts. We are honored to have access to this special plant medicine from Guatemala.
You will leave the ceremony feeling spiritually purified, connected and expansive!
Thursday, June 28th from 6:00-8:30pm. Led by our guides, Lacey and Darin Lehman.
$25 in advance by June 25th, $30 at the door.