Finding your Path is a three-hour introduction to a series of customized practices and techniques which enable you to effectively navigate every aspect of your life. Drawing from time-tested meditation practices, contemplation techniques and multiple spiritual traditions; Finding Your Path explores what it means to expand your mental and emotional capacity in order to live a more purposeful life. This workshop is ideal for beginning meditators, those looking to reconnect with their meditation practice, or deepen their mindfulness practice using singing bowls and mantra.

Finding your Path is the first of six PATHWAYS sessions which you can either take together or separately. The sessions explore developing a positive relationship with Love, Fear and Death as well as techniques for answering life’s most vexing questions.

About Lester Strong, Pathways Founder & Teacher: Lester has studied Eastern philosophies and practiced meditation on four continents (North America, Asia, Europe and Australia) over the past 40 years. He taught in and managed meditation centers in Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA and Boston, MA for 20 years. He served on the board of directors as well as president and CEO of the Siddha Yoga Foundation which operates yoga and meditation centers in 46 countries. Lester has maintained a daily meditation practice for the past four decades.

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