How often do you look at the clock and it’s 11:11 exactly? Do you smile or feel a particular magic in the air? Many people recognize this as a blessing, a divine sign from the universe and angels that we are on the right path. And so on the 11/11 portal, we’ll tap into the power of 11 with a workshop to help us align with our own divine nature and receive the abundant blessings of the cosmos.

Through specific yoga kriyas, mantras & meditations, we will clear stagnant energy and blocks, find a state of harmony with the universe and our earthly bodies, and allow the energy of our hearts to flow so we may embody the radiance of our souls.

We’ll celebrate, share and enjoy nourishing yogi tea and bliss balls together following our practice.

Monday, November 11
$20-25 sliding scale RSVP Here!

Look forward to gathering on this auspicious day!

Sat nam and blessings,
Bani Shiva (Romany)