Restore with CompassionCompassion is the master healer. In this class, we take a gentle approach to releasing all that is ready to go from your body and your mind. Whether it’s stress from your day, anxiety, fear, anger or doubt, you hold these things deep within yourself and your cells where they can lead to physical, mental and emotional pain as well as illness and disease. By incorporating slow movement with light breath meditation you’ll open up your body to release whatever is within that does not serve you in a positive way. You’ll create space within yourself for compassion and love and align your whole self in a mindful way for ongoing health and happiness. After releasing physically, you’ll be carried away in the healing sounds of the Sacred Gongs allowing the vibrations of the Gong to wash over and through your whole self, leaving you feeling lighter and refreshed. You can anticipate about 30-40 minutes of breath and body work and 15-20 minutes of Gong Sound Healing.

All are welcome! Mats and blankets provided.

Sliding Scale $10-$14